This morning I biked to one of the grocery stores, let myself be incredibly perplexed by what was happening (seriously, what is going on in these photos?) bought some oranges, bananas and rolls before biking home.  I made myself some fresh orange juice and coffee, sat down with some of the ginger cookies Henry’s classmate sent home with me, my notebook and wrote for a while.  Still trying to get over my cold and jet lag, I’ve decided to cut myself some slack and take my first few days here easily.


Well, mornings at least.


(oh, there are two cats who also live here)

Later I rode the metro to Nørreport where I met Henry and wandered the streets.  As I’m currently living in a suburb of Copenhagen, a quiet place that is surrounded by quaint old men and their dogs, it didn’t really hit me until tonight that I’m in Europe.  As we walked downtown, hand in hand, crossing the bridge and walking past intricate, giant old buildings, I turned to Henry and, eloquent as ever, said “Dude. We’re in EUROPE. What?!”.  He laughed and made sure I didn’t walk into any oncoming bicycles as I stared up and wide-eyed at everything we were passing.

We stopped to eat some shwarma (don’t say I never tried new food, family) and we walked past the Indian restaurant where he works and saw some more sights before heading to a bar that reminded him of Seattle where we sat and looked at a map of the world, putting little dots on all of the places we’d like to see.  More walking, more Christmas lights and hygge* before heading home, exhausted.

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