Today I got to cross one of my biggest Danish “Must See”s off the list.

But before that…

IMG_2487Today Henry took me out to show me his favorite English bookstore.  It was nice to see a whole selection of books in a language I understood; bookstores have always been a comforting place for me.  I was blown away to find a book of poetry by Chelsea Martin (a poet I read back home who I felt truly understood the struggle of being a twenty-something woman) and got lost in re-reading the book until I heard a loud crash and turned to find a pile of fallen books surrounding Henry.  Sometimes it’s nice to not feel like the clumsy one in the relationship.


Afterwards we stopped inside a beautiful church that is tucked away in plain sight: a tiny bit of refuge from the crowded, dreary city outside.  Catholic churches have often been a source of stress for me (I’ve fought with a fair amount of priests in my time) but the simple whitewashed walls were wonderfully soothing and we sat on opposite sides of the church as one of the men in the front of the chapel sang out a prayer.


IMG_2490We left some time later and walked in silence over to Prop’s Coffee Shop where Henry ordered us two coffees in Danish and we took a corner table and sat down to start planning the rest of the night and to read one of the letters Madi sent me off with.  His classmate Tessa is having a birthday this week and wanted to celebrate by gathering at Tivoli Gardens.  We wandered over and waited for her outside the main gates.  None of their other classmates decided to come out (shocking to me) so the three of us paid a small fortune to get in the gardens and have ride access.


Tivoli opened in 1843 and is the second oldest amusement park in the world (my mistake Henry and Tessa, it isn’t actually the oldest…).  We wandered around for hours going on all of the roller coasters, a Hans Christian Andersen ride that reminded us of “It’s a Small World” (though much less annoying), and a set of swings that was Henry’s favorite ride as a child.  Exhausted and freezing, we left the park feeling very content with our adventures but very hungry.

Henry was quickly losing energy so we rushed over to another taco place (seeming to be the same company as the one we had been to before though the menu and presentation were different) and ordered quickly before their kitchen closed.  Henry was out for the night so Tessa and I got to know each other and any anxiety I had about being around his classmates started to fade.  I was grateful for her insistence on Tivoli—I had really wanted to go but had felt guilty and unsure on how to convince Henry to spend so much money.  I could have gone alone, but amusement parks are so much more fun with someone with whom to share them.

Mom has tasked Henry with the daunting task of trying to get a good photo of me for the Christmas card and we went through several terrible ones before taking one that is good enough.  I’ve also been trying to get a good photo of the two of us, but it’s also proving to be a very difficult task.  (Seriously sad this shark photo didn’t turn out…)

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