In case any of you were wondering whether or not the pair of us were the most pretentious hipsters you’ve ever met, here’s a picture of some Polaroids of the two of inside our latest coffee shop spot where the words “My favorite thing about Patti Smith is that she dated Sam Shephard without knowing who he was” actually left my mouth.


I hate couples like us.

Gitte and Johannes (the Danes who I am living with) invited Henry and I for a big dinner with their sons and Sofia (my roommate from Brazil).  We got to their house where they had prepared the most delicious meal.  The kitchen, which is open and white, was beautifully lit with lots of candles.  The room was warm and smelled amazing.  After a few weeks of homesickness, it almost made me cry with how cozy it all was; truly a room of hygge at its finest.  Gitte had cooked a potato/artichoke soup (with a giant bowl full of bacon to put in it) for the first course and then some delicious quiche, mushroom hazelnut mash and a salad with pomegranates and oranges.  We all ate our fill as we talked about a range of topics; one of their sons kept the conversation flowing for which I was very grateful.

We retired to the living room where we had tea and ate things that resembled beignets in look and taste.  The conversation turned to the state of American politics: a depressing topic.  The sons took their leave and Gitte asked if there was anything we needed to discuss about me living there (a conversation we had managed to not have since I moved in) and aside from not knowing the cats’ names, everything seems to be going well with the situation so far.

Johannes brought out a board game called ‘Take It Easy’ which Henry and I quickly fell in love with.  We played three rounds before the five of us took our leave from each other.  I’ve been thinking about those leftovers ever since…

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