Saturdays!  Since he has no school or rehearsals on the weekend, I get to steal Henry away for longer periods of time.  I asked him earlier in the week if he would humor me and take me to see the Little Mermaid statue, a spot I have been told many times was over hyped and underwhelming but was determined to see just the same.

So we made our way over to the Christmas market and he had some sausage while I chowed down on my bacon covered ‘Viking Pizza’ (thought of you, Dad!) in an attempt to not feel guilty about eating gluten in front of him.  We wandered past the picturesque colored buildings that line the canals (you know, the ones that are in EVERY image search of Denmark) and he graced me with a headstand before we wandered and took some touristy photos.


Our stomachs were full and the view was amazing.  We wandered along the water, taking the long and scenic walk to the Little Mermaid.  Henry started a conversation between Batman and Robin in which Batman was desperately trying to get to the Little Mermaid (“TAKE ME TO THE MERMAID!”, “Gotham needs me—to be in Denmark”).  I had to stop walking several times because I was laughing so hard.


I was grateful to have seen the statue and took a few photos before we wandered on through the Center.  We made a stop at Kafferiet to assess what we wanted to do with the rest of the day.  More Batman jokes and a walk through the city before we landed at Cafe Retro.

We have tried twice to come here and on both occasions there were events going on and we had to leave.  Third time was a charm and we found a spot in the corner and he read while I wrote for a few hours.

We made our way to collect our bikes and then head to the joint birthday celebration of a few of his classmates.  The music was a dizzying fight between sexy Spanish tunes, American pop, loud rap and rock classics.  Henry’s friend Matti twirled me around for a bit and I was forced to again confront my inability to be led on the dance floor, a character flaw that Henry is finally learning about.  I don’t know if it was all the years of formal dance lessons where I was forced to dance the man’s part due to my height and general lack of men or if it’s a deeper fear of not being in control, but I’m terrible at partner dancing.


Hopefully I’ll get some more chances this trip to work on that.


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