I went out to Øresund today to look up some recipes and go to the store.  Henry’s classmates were having yet another party and we were tasked with bringing food again.  I searched for something that would fulfill as many of the dietary restrictions as I could manage (remember: everyone at the school is either vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or a combination of the above) and settled on Chipotle Sweet Potato & Zucchini Fritters.


Thank you, Pinterest.

After going to the store and heading back to the house I set to work making a collection of things.  Sofia was also in the kitchen and while cooking we finally got some time to talk and get to know each other.  I chopped up some fresh pico for myself and attempted to make tortillas.  It’s a task that would be infinitely easier with a tortilla press, but I’m pretty happy with how they came out.

Henry arrived after class and we started grating the sweet potatoes and zucchini and we attempted this weird recipe in addition to sauteing some brussel sprouts.  I think we’ve been using the oven incorrectly (It’s almost as confusing as the washing machine downstairs), so the fritters came out a little soggy, but it’s a recipe I think is definitely worth trying again.  We loaded up the food and biked over to the school.

Again, the studio had been beautifully set up; a long table went across the space and was covered with a cloth and lit with many candles.  Danish flags lined the table and were placed in all of the dishes that had been prepared.  I spent some time talking to Henry’s teacher, Marcello, reassuring him that I was neither Mormon nor a white supremacist just because I was from Idaho and then we discussed the importance of making theatre that was challenging and innovative.

Still shy around his classmates, though certainly not nearly as much as I had been at Thanksgiving, I was grateful for the few who eagerly jumped into conversation.  After eating our fill of the Christmas feast, we jumped into the most raucous game (a version of white elephant that blew me away) that I had ever witnessed and came away with a Finish movie (with no English subtitles). Henry came away with a Frozen Christmas hat that he enjoyed having just watched the movie for the first time the night before.

IMG_2615He tried to get me to do some balancing acrobatics with him, jumping a little too far into the process (week 6 lessons vs. week 1, which is what I need) but I got excited to be able to maybe work more on this.  Having never been much of a physical actor, I like the idea of going into an audition and being able to show them something other than my usual type-cast ‘princessness’.  I stole Henry’s acquired hat and rode home in the rain.

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