Today, our last relaxing day in Denmark, we wandered into the Center to look for some gnomes and have a “date”.  One of my first nights here we found a promising Mexican restaurant that was a bit out of our price range so we agreed to come back later on a fancy occasion.

We bought a gnome for Henry’s cousins and a gnome for Gitte and Johannes then wandered off to have some coffee and wifi time so I could call my mom and wish her a happy birthday.  A few missed attempts before I was finally able to reach her and by the time I heard her voice I was feeling so homesick that I almost started to cry.

We had a quick chat and then I headed back to where Henry was stationed and practiced some Italian on my phone before we gauged our hunger levels were ready for some Mexican food.

Before we had gone Henry warned me that we should have the lowest expectations for the food so that we weren’t disappointed.  I tried to but things smelled so good when we walked in…  They sat us at a table for 6 and we got cozy, spreading out our coats and gnomes.  I ordered chicken and vegetarian enchiladas we were planning on splitting, a beer for myself and Henry got himself a glass of wine: his new gluten free reality.  When the drinks arrived, Henry was handed the beer, I was offered the wine.  When the food arrived, I was given the vegetarian option, he was given the food.  Small, subtle embedded gender expectations.  I’m imagining that Henry and I will be switching around glasses and plates for many years to come.

We ate our fill and ate some more after we were offered ice cream with tequila and took a long walk over to the movie theatre.

Because Star Wars.


How good was Star Wars??

It’s not that I wasn’t exposed to Star Wars, but it was never a big part of my life.  I found myself wondering if I was supposed to recognize all of the characters or what plot lines I needed to remember, but aside from one or two embarrassing questions I was able to follow along and got just as excited about the action as all the die hard fans.

In Danish movie theatres, you pick your seats when you buy your tickets.  Aside from that, it felt like a very American date and I think it simultaneously made us both feel a little more at home and entirely homesick.

We waited until the very end of the film to see if there were any teasers, got up to leave, found a bathroom and then I completely panicked because I couldn’t find my metro pass or visa card.  We retraced our steps, went back into the theatre, dug through some trash…it was a mess and I was trying not to totally lose it and then found them in a tiny pocket in my coat that I haven’t opened in the last three years I’ve owned it.  I felt terrible and tried to laugh at myself on the walk home.

But at least I didn’t “lose” my passport this time!

Christmas lights in the movie theatre

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