I’ve been putting off making this announcement for a while because it hasn’t felt like mine to make, but the time has come to let you all know.

We are leaving Denmark.

Henry is looking for something different out of his training and instead of trying to find ways to make living manageable while going to school for something that’s not quite right, he’s made the choice to move on.

Which means I have a travel buddy.

I can’t say that I’m too sad to be leaving Denmark.  It was lovely to see the country, live in a Danish home, explore and learn a small amount of a different language.  But I find myself ready to move on.  We have tickets to go spend Christmas with his cousins in Paignton, plans to head to Stratford afterwards and hopefully see some theatre before moving on to the next location.


This being our last day in Denmark, we headed to one of our favorite coffee spots to write for a while before heading to Gitte and Johannes’ home to cook all the food the two of us had.  I packed (finally) and bemoaned the amount of things I had, having planned on being in Denmark for a good chunk of time.


We asked if Gitte and Johannes would like to have tea before it got too late and we (despite our stress levels about getting everything finished that we needed to before leaving) sat down for a leisurely cup.  We talked about Christmas traditions, home, future plans for travel and for life back in the states.  It was a lovely sending off.


Now to write a thank you note and put the gnome upstairs for them to find in the morning!

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