We are in London!!


The 4am wake up call came far too early and after a forced breakfast, a tired and quiet metro ride and lots of wandering through the airport, Henry and I got our passports stamped and waited for our plane.  We climbed on board and then waited for about an hour for some technical delays (every passenger’s favorite thing to hear before take off) during which we both ended up falling into fitful sleeps.  Three large, loud, rude Danish men decided to be terribly loud and crass in front of us and I told Henry to, in his clown way that he has, throw in a Batman laugh every time they laughed.  It’s the small things he does to get me to smile that keep me from completely losing my mind.

We arrived in London around 9:30 and stopped in the airport to pump our bodies full of massive cups of coffee before talking about pairing down our things.  The thought stressed me out so I sort of cut off the conversation before we found the train to St. Pancras.  It was a long, lovely ride and we took in the sight of England: rainy, rusty and perfect.  Henry seemed to be in much better spirits than he’s been in…well, months.  We both perked up A LOT when we realized that we were finally in a country where delicious food existed and we ate our pecans and thought about all the good things we’d be eating soon.

Once at St. Pancras took a tortuous walk with The Suitcase From Hell and backpacks that were too heavy before I decided it was imperative that we pair down.  (I might cut off conversations but that doesn’t mean that I’m not thinking about them.)  I brought it up, Henry brightened and after he had a chance encounter with someone he’d met in Denmark, we’d eaten and checked in, we set to work getting rid of things.  We packed my big suitcase full of both of our things, tried packing what we had back up in Henry’s case and walked across the street to send mine home.  The two of us are now down to our backpacks and one small suitcase.

We will be wearing the same pants in all pictures from now until the end of our trip.

Henry was elated and surprised (he wrongly assumed I’d have a harder time than I did sending everything home) and graced me with a headstand on a bench on our way out to town.  In desperate desire to always be eating Indian food, Henry ushered us towards Brick Lane where we were solicited by every restaurant we walked past so we quickly entered the first one where that wasn’t the case.

The menu was all unfamiliar to me so I did a lot of “what’s this?”ing to Henry but ended up with something delicious.  We ate past our fill and then wandered out into London.


We got a little lost, took a lot of photos and hopefully didn’t get caught speaking really loudly in our bad British accents that haven’t seemed to stop since we arrived.


Back to the hostel where one of our two roommates, Declan, didn’t even complain at our Batman voices.



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