Well my bank card shut down again.  Henry tried to take me out for a fine English Breakfast this morning and my card got declined (I tried to get cash last night and had the same result) so I stressed out about why and how I was going to get a hold of the bank and whether or not this would happen in every country we could go to and why they didn’t take proper notes when I went into the physical location or when I called the first or second times and what if suddenly all the money I’d saved up was gone or my identity was stolen and WHY WAS THIS LITTLE GIRL BEHIND ME CHEWING SO LOUDLY and why is Henry so calm right now and his damn phone isn’t working and well…any of you ever had an anxiety attack before?

Because it’s like that.

Only more annoying for everyone.

Henry got be back to the hostel and I finally was able to get through to the bank and sort things out (they HAD shut my card down because they hadn’t taken thorough enough notes the first million times I talked to them).  We headed out on the underground and made our way to the Discounted Theatre Tickets booth where we asked about all the dates and all the plays and all the prices.


Somehow, miraculously, there were two tickets (and GOOD ones) to see Judy Dench in A Winter’s Tale which is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays (his mother’s too, as it turns out).  We snatched them up in addition to tickets to Book of Mormon and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.  The two of us spent…a fortune.  We agreed after handing over that much money that it would be our Christmas gift to each other that we were seeing these plays.


We wandered through Covet Gardens, getting a cup of coffee and enjoying some pastries.  Our waiter seemed to hate us, but the food runner warmed up to us after Henry asked him for help making a mask out of a teapot.  Perhaps he could tell we had also done our share of table wiping and food running.  We stopped for some clowning performances that were sub par, wandered through a tiny but amazing toy shop with paper theatres.

We decided at some point we might have to hole up somewhere while he makes masks and I make paper theatres.


While making our way to the theatre we ran into a Whole Foods.  A Whole Foods!  Beer from Portland!  Mexican food!  Familiar things!  Henry looked as though he might cry and I felt the same so we agreed to come back after the show for dinner.


The show was amazing.  The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is based off of a book that sat unread on my bookshelf for about a year.  The set and group movement choreography blew us both away. Here is A LINK TO THE SHOW because it has pictures and reviews that will do better describing it than I can.  The choice to see this particular show was somewhat arbitrary and the tickets were really cheap: an incredibly fortuitous afternoon.

After the show we wandered back to Whole Foods and had our fill of warm familiar food before wandering back to the hostel, exhausted (though embarrassed to be so at such an early hour).  Declan arrived at around the same time and determined to not be old people, we went downstairs to have a drink and Henry tried to teach me how to play chess.

Tomorrow we take the train to Paignton!

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