After breakfast this morning, some play time with Sophia and trying to inconspicuously leave some goodies for the family, Erin drove Henry and me to the train station and we braved another long trip back to London.  The train didn’t feel as crowded as the last one, though perhaps that was because we got on at a non-busy stop.  At one point during the ride, the speakers blasted out “Seats are for bums, NOT bags,” so I guess the train was getting crowded.


We arrived in London and stopped at The Thirsty Bear for some veggies, a few rounds of darts and some beer.  We didn’t have a place to settle for the night so we were reaching out to people, looking at hostels and trying to make some sort of plan.  After some stress we just decided to check in at another hostel.  The Generator, where we had stayed before, had raised its prices significantly since we left (presumably due to traffic around the New Year, but incredibly frustrating nonetheless) so we found another one, further out from the center but closer to what we were willing to give up from our pocketbooks.

Another seemingly lost day of travel, but we’re excited for the theatre we’ll be seeing in just a few days.


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