Matilda & The Mormons

A Double Day of Musicals!

After booking it over to the theatre, Henry and I paused for some brunch at Kopapa, right across the street from where we needed to be.  After successfully waiting the appropriate amount of time, we rushed giddy to our spots in the very back of the theatre.  And I really mean that.  We didn’t sit together, as they were last minute tickets, and my spot was in the very top section in the very back row.  It was an incredible view of the stage and I was surrounded by kids who were bouncing out of their seats with excitement.


I’ve never read the book, seen the musical and my only point of reference was the amazing film that we watched incessantly as children at my grandparent’s house in Washington.  I’m glad we went, but it was not great.  Not terrible, just not incredible.  Henry and I debated whether it was because it was written for children, what was problematic about that, some of the casting choices and some content issues.  It was a good conversation that got us back to Whole Foods for some more food before we wandered off to our second show of the day.


Book of Mormon was amazing.  Unbelievably funny and charming and well staged.  I had only ever heard the very first song of the show (in which the young Mormon men are practicing their door to door speeches…“Hello, my name is Elder Young / Did you know that Jesus / Lived here in the USA? /  You can read all about it now / In this nifty book, it’s free / No you don’t have to pay”) so I was in for a ride.  We had incredibly close seats and I almost wept from laughing so hard.  By the end of the show I was ready to sit down and watch the whole thing again.


We took a train back to Paul’s to collect our things and tried to find our way to Annabelle’s, another friend of Henry’s from the Camino.  We got there quite late but stayed up on our couches to finish reading and drink some tea.   (I picked up Wonder after Henry and was determined to finish it—it was yet another beautiful piece of art to be taken in today.)

I need to rest but my mind is full song and my feet full of dancing…

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