I like to think that I had a good appreciation for clean clothes and access to a washing machine before I left, but being on this trip has multiplied it exponentially.

We made two massive purchases today: EURail passes and tickets home.  That’s right loves, we are returning to the states.  See you all back Seattle side soon!


I’ve learned about Henry that when he needs to make big decisions (ones involving a lump sum of money), sometimes a bit of a push needs to be involved or the decision making moment will be postponed indefinitely.  So after talking about when to go home and whether or not to buy EURail tickets for at least a week, we sat down with my computer and forced ourselves to bite the bullet and get tickets.  Of course, having finally gone through all the turmoil of making the decision, our cards wouldn’t work and buying tickets turned out to be a whole ordeal.  Frustrated, tired and homesick, I called my mom while Henry kept trying to make it work.  Boise is 8 hours behind Barcelona and calling while so tired and stressed was probably not ideal, but thankfully after 24 years with me, Mom is used to it.


She reassured me that traveling is always stressful, even on seasoned travelers (or travelers who have been together for much longer than Henry and I have).  Amused at the stories of our airport experiences, she joked that perhaps she should have warned Henry a little more about how I get in crowded, stressful situations.  Thankfully though, now that we have train passes in our hands, Henry will only have to stay by my side in an airport right before we go home.  Trains are much more manageable for us both.

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