Gothic Finds

Finding food in Spain that meets our dietary requirements (no gluten but enough food to fuel his 6’3” frame, something other than bread that is filling for me) and I think it’s fair to say that the larger part of every day has been spent trying to find food.  This morning we stopped at  a place called Dino Coffee for me and afterwards Henry walked across the street for a plate of meat.


Life is strange these days.

We wandered over to the Gothic Quarter and spent hours listening to and watching some incredible street performers.

First, we had a little musical trio.


Then we admired the breathtaking detail on the Catedral de Barcelona.


We walked around the sides and listened to the trance-inducing melancholy of these musicians.


The best performance by far was from these female puppeteers.  We stood in the front of an ever growing crowd and watched as eagerly and excitedly as the children that surrounded us.

But what are Henry and I if not just overly large children ourselves?


After we had our artistic fill—meaning, once the artists had finished their performance and we were left with no option but to leave, though against our will—we walked to check out some old Roman Ruins in the basement of a museum.

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