So far, the best part about traveling without too formed a plan is the magical stumbling upon hidden gems. IMG_2867.JPG

Today that spot was Los Jardines.  Outside the hole in the wall restaurant sat a menu that promised Henry all of the gluten free joy he could consume.  We wandered inside and were greeted with a few quick, friendly “hola”s before a man, quick in speed and speech, took us down to a little table where we sat.  A giant TV was on the back wall but I was facing away from it and graced with the view of a handful of old men, one older woman and the cozy, familiar atmosphere that existed between them all.

Everyone had drinks, something to eat and conversation.  The owner moved confidently but purposefully through every corner of the small establishment and had something to say to each customer.  We exchanged some Spanish and food was brought.  I ate the gluten while Henry ate tortilla and after we finished the owner motioned to us, offering us slices from the giant pig leg that was positioned on top of an intricate cutting station.  We said “why not?” and a plate of freshly cut meat was placed before us.  I smiled, thinking of my mother who had only nights before asked what I was even eating in Spain, huge chunks of animal?  Well, yes Mom, as a matter of fact, I am.

I was torn between my desire to take photos and my desire to act cool and pretend like I was one of the locals, the later of which ultimately won over.  The inspiration for a story planted, I’ll have to write a story later to compensate for the lack of photos.


Continuing on our mission to find hidden gems, we spent the day wandering and looking for thrift stores or somewhere to buy a book.  We saw a good chunk of the city and managed to cover a lot of ground; it was a beautiful day, something which temporarily held our hunger levels and leg exhaustion at bay.  However, it seems our luck was all spent on the spot this morning and we returned empty handed.

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