Cathedrals & Trains

Our last day in Barcelona!


I, disappointed for incorrectly thinking that I knew where the Gaudí Cathedral was, was insistent on seeing the right one before leaving.  We made sure our bags were packed then headed over to see the Cathedral.


Last time I was here, most of it was covered in plastic and still being built, so all I really recall was the giant upside cones, but the new view was amazing.  It is still, as happens with giant cathedrals, under construction, but we made our way around the outside a few times before sitting down to eat some pizza (gluten free for Henry) and going through last minute checklists of things to do before heading to Valencia.



After retrieving our bags and saying some last farewells to our favorite puppy, Henry fought through his rising fever to get us to the train station where we had INSANE AMOUNTS OF LEG ROOM.  It was miraculous.  I’ve never seen so much leg room in my life.


I worked through the book I picked up after finishing Just Kids as Henry slept.  We passed the coast which was veiled in total darkness and hours later landed in Valencia.  We checked into our hostel and laid out the map, planning what to see while we’re here.  Hopefully Henry’s fever will die down and we’ll be able to explore together.


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