Musical Museum

I think that subconsciously Henry and I have settled into ‘no more travel’ mode.  Corrine and Euan have a lovely apartment and maybe it’s the familiar feeling of a 20-something’s home or being able to talk about Washington with an old local…whatever it is, we’ve settled in.


This morning we had coffee and read good chunks of our books.  Henry is now reading my copy of Two Caravans and I’m reading his copy of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (which was #1 on a list of “The 18 Most Hipster Books of All Time” that I found while in France).

In an attempt to make the most of our time in Brussels and NOT spend every last day of our trip sitting in coffee shops and reading, we headed off to The Musical Instrument Museum.  I wish I could have had my brother around for the tour!  Below are photos of a few of the things that stuck me the most.

The museum had low lighting and was warm.  We were given an iPad like device with headphones upon entry so we could listen to what every thing we saw sounded like.  Aside from the automatically resetting of top volume, the tour was an incredible musical journey.  However, by the time we got to the third floor, my legs were tired and so were my eyes.  Henry and I sat down on a bench and I punched in random numbers to listen to until I felt Henry jolt forward (as one does when they fall asleep while sitting upright.  My Dad can attest to how many times I’ve done this in the car).

We made our way to the top floor for what Corrine said might be the best part of the whole museum:


We made our way back to the apartment and Henry sat down with his book while I called my aunt and a friend to catch up and make plans for my return.

We opted out of joining Corrine and Euan for rock climbing but were delighted when they returned home with Mexican food and some actually hot hot sauce.  Delightful.  As per our newly formed nightly ritual, we all had some tea, played some cards and attempted to help Corrine write a description by playing One Word Story.  Another lovely night in Brussels.

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