This morning Corrine and Euan went out to rock climb at one of their old spots while Henry and I wandered through some murky weather to get coffee.  He was still not feeling well so we opted for a short walk but I was excited about the hazy mist that settled everywhere—I’m looking forward to a little more of that once we are back in Seattle.

We had to return our bikes at 12:30 so Henry, never wanting to miss an opportunity for a good bike ride, toodled around until it was time for me to hop back on and ride back with him.


The four of us met at the bike shop, returned our bikes and set off to find a cafe that wasn’t too crowded—not an easy feat for a Sunday afternoon.  But we found a place, settled in with warm cups and Euan introduced us all to the game Koehandle.  I’m currently trying to find a store here where I can purchase it, but if anyone knows how / wants to get a hold of it for Henry and me…we’d be pretty grateful.


We ate and I had the most amazing sandwich that had cheese, eggplant, zucchini and thin slices of grilled sweet potato…I can’t wait to be back in a kitchen where I can try to recreate it!

The weather hadn’t let up but we all decided to take a nice long wander through the park before packing up our things and loading up the car to drive back to Brussels.  We played a few car games before I fell asleep.  Once back home, our hosts cooked up some delicious mushroom burgers and we ate every last bite in almost complete silence.  Tea time, quickly followed by total exhaustion.

**I forgot that we also stopped by Henri Willig Kaas for an Amsterdam cheese tasting.  Pretty phenomenal…


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