After the last Sunday double at the restaurant, my coworkers took me out for drinks and begged the obvious question of how our relationship began.

“Wait, let me guess….did it start at the Rosé party?” asked my manager.  “I saw you two over in the corner having some vibes”.

I laughed at the memory of the party.  With less than three weeks of work under my belt, I came to their annual summer party and quickly accumulated a baby which I held in the corner.  This was a very  calculated move.  Holding a baby makes a person to look busy without having to talk to people but allows for the opportunity for a stranger to come up and immediately have a conversation piece (i.e. “Is that your baby?” “No” “Why are you holding it?” “I get really anxious in crowds of people I don’t know so I asked to hold the baby to distract from my crippling fear of meeting new people.” “…oh….”).  I spotted a lanky ginger boy also being weird and quiet in a corner so I went and struck up a conversation.  We discovered we were both theatre artists, both new to Bastille and both not great at parties of strangers. One month later we went on our first of three non-date dates.

When life changes happen that I didn’t prepare for, I tent to try and pump the breaks until I feel like I have control and can accordingly plan.  But the heart doesn’t decide what to do when my planner does and one can never prepare for the people who are going to walk into their lives unexpectedly.  One awkward party at a totally random job I somewhat accidentally applied for and now I’m heading off to a foreign country to share adventures both alone and with the man that I love.

One night after talking about his upcoming trip to Denmark he turned to me and said, “Come with me”.  “Okay,” I responded.  He asked and I replied without hesitation or doubt.  Of course it made sense to also go.  And then he gave me that look.  You know, the one that makes you say “what?” because it’s intense but then you instantly regret it because you can tell that he’s about to say that he loves you and you’ve just ruined a perfectly nice spontaneous moment of vulnerability by blurting out “what” because you’re not always great at expressing emotions—that look.

It was a whirlwind of laughter, work, coffee, stress, kisses and logistics after that.  I met his parents, bought a plane ticket and started practicing my Danish.

The intent of the blog is to keep track of our adventures and share them with my loved ones back home.  We live in an age of oversharing and I, shy about the more private aspects of my life, hesitate to dedicate a blog to our time together in Europe.  But for the first time in my life I am unable to be in touch with my family whenever I choose and this is a small way for me to share my journey.

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