Belgian Tours

This morning we wandered over to the coffee shop which I had read about in my limited research of Brussels and which Corrine had recommended to us.  Called The Living Room, the coffee shop also has a food menu, desk goodies to buy and all the places available to sit are also available to purchase.  I like this about Belgium: all spots seem at least somewhat multi-functional.  Coffee while you furniture shop?  Sure!  Coffee while you craft?  Of course!


The closer our arrival date home gets, the more it seems that Henry and I get sucked into long talks about the future.  Not in and of itself a bad thing, but we’re finding that all the unknowns of 2016 are startlingly imminent.  And no amount of European coffee can change that.

We walked back to the apartment where we are graciously being hosted and put in our laundry.  Nothing is more exciting to me since this trip started than Laundry Day.  Just when I’m about to set fire to the five articles of clothing I have out of frustration and disgust…we find a washer.

Corrine arrived home early from her day of teaching and took us out for a quick tour.  We walked in the blistering cold (though I was infinitely much better prepared thanks the the large winter coat and blanket scarf that Corrine lent me) and walked past lots of sights I plan to go back and photograph.

We stopped for a cup of coffee and I found myself appreciating the company of Corrine and Euan (though he was at work) at this, the end of our trip.  A newly married couple, they’re both hard workers who love to travel, enjoy keeping company with people but who are also grandparents, like us.  Corrine told us that their travel itinerary is usually something along the lines of “walk around, have some coffee, see some more things” which Henry and I really relate to.  After two months of having infrequent company, it’s a relief to ease back into ‘being a normal human’ mode that requires interaction with people other than ourselves.  I’m very happy to be here in Brussels.

After finishing our coffee and making faces at the perfect little baby at the table next to us, we walked over to their favorite chocolate spot and indulged in two pieces each—Belgium Chocolate is worth all the hype it receives.

We then walked to a thrift store that sells clothes by the kilo and Henry got a giant polar bear sweater to add to his ever-growing collection.  It was then we were off to meet Euan for a beer at what I named Ye Old Brothel Bar (which is actually called Goupil le Fol).  We sank into their luxuriously comfortable couches and took in the floor to ceiling decorations and paintings in the low, hazy light.


Knowing that it was either stay and fall asleep or leave to find dinner, we wandered over to have some Greek food before taking the metro back to their home.  Early to sleep for all four of us old folks!

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